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 Abandoned Down the Rabbit Hole

“I would have paid $25 just to go through this!” – 2014 guest.

Back again after it’s huge success, Abandoned, but with a entirely new twist! Enter into the secluded back woods of Scream Town and prepare to see nothing, hear nothing, and feel totally isolated. You’ll be released with nothing but a small lantern with limited light. There will not be other guests bumping into you because you’ll be on this journey alone. For the first time ever, and for this attraction only, we have given the beasts that lurk in these woods permission to reach out and TOUCH you.

All participants must sign a waiver, and those under the age of 18 must have someone over the age of 18 sign for them – no exception, no refund.

Prepare to experience pure terror and to be abandoned…
VIP pass only!

CLICK HERE to Download The “Abandoned” Waiver


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