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Covid Information

We are excited to announce that after a lot of changes, and strategic planning, Scream Town WILL be open this season!

We are lucky and grateful that a large part of our business has always been about separating guests and putting them in small groups.

For 2020, tickets will be extremely limited and timed.  Guests will arrive at their designated slot, and will begin their social distanced journey from the moment they exit their car.

In addition to following the states guidelines, we have gone even further by completely changing the way guests flow through the event. Instead of picking and choosing attractions to enter, you will now enter one attraction after the next, and not stop until finished.  This will help ensure a spaced experience during your visit, and very limited contact with other groups.

Your final destination, our courtyard, will no longer have the communal areas you are used to.  However, food, beverages, and gifts will still be available, but your amount of time in the courtyard will be limited.

Other Details to keep in mind

–       Guests and staff will be required to wear masks

–       Our event is 100% outdoors

–       Buying your ticket in advance is HIGHLY recommended, as we anticipate selling out every evening due to reduced capacity. (So call friends NOW and start planning)

–       Specific tickets you may be used to, may no longer exist or have changed.

Early bird ticket sales and discounts will begin the first week of August and are offered to those on our email list, see our web site to join.

If you know our event and our staff, you know that all we care about is our guests.

We look forward to seeing you this October, and more than ever before, appreciate your business.

NOTE: Our neighboring attraction, The Abandoned Hayride will now be the Abandoned Drive Thru!  What they are planning looks incredible!  Follow them on FB and Instagram for the best updates.  Scream Town does offer a combo pass to both events.

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