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Scream Town has been a must every single October. With the amazing actors, sets, and feeling as you walk in is enough to make a skeleton shake. It is so amazing and I suggest to everyone that if you go to one Halloween spot, this is the one. The gatekeeper this last year (2017) was so funny! There was a few times the set even grossed me out and made me verbally say, “Ew.”. But it was all perfect. I personally consider Scream Town my Halloween home away from home. I am a Halloween Freak so I may be a little biased. I can still give it 5 stars despite the high prices for VIP. In my opinion, the price for the VIP Pass was all worth it. Except, Abandoned: Down the Rabbit Hole was not my favorite. Oak Blood Forest and Santa’s Slay were my absolute favorite. I hope someone will see this comment and want to come here in October!! I love you Scream Town!
Kaia –

This was my second time year, my first time was a few years ago. The forest was amazing! I could totally see the investment this place puts into it’s show! Also they put in a new gravel pathway between attractions, which it makes it way easier to follow the road to the next attraction and if it rains your not stomping in the mud. I was first hesitant about buying the fast pass, but was so glad I did! I hate waiting in lines and this pass was amazing! Thank you Scream Town for a great night!
Chad –

3rd year coming – amazing every time. So many different option and scenes. I was legitimately huddled in a corner. Super fun for a night out. Best haunted house we’ve been to in MN
Laurie –

This is hands down the best Halloween attraction in the Twin Cities. The attractions are long, super involved, and legit scary. The VIP experience is worth every dollar! I’ll be back every year!
Allison –

This was awesome!!!!! Definitely worth the money and the drive. The lines are a smidgen long but worth the wait. I suggest getting the VIP ticket so you can go through all the attractions.
Definitely a 5 star rating!
Marissa –

2015 Google Reviews

Scream Town was one the best experiences I have ever had!!!!!! Oak Blood Forest, Redneck Resort, and Circus Asylum where the best in my opinion. I had the fast-pass which I was very happy with. the wait in line was not too long and paid off later in the night. Actors were very good and the costumes were amazing and well put together. The size of the attractions also made it such a wonderful experience. They were bigger than normal haunted attractions and all the attraction were well worth what I paid for. The property was also very clean and having police and extra staff on site was comforting. I was also very happy to see that the owner was at the exit gate greeting people as they exited the property. Overall this was the best haunted attraction experience that I have every had. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good scare and some Halloween fun!!
– Alex Prill

I have not been to something so fun and scary at the same for a long time. Every maze or house was so much fun. The actors do a wonderful job of keeping you on your toes and I absolutely loved the fast pass as we didn’t have to wait as long. The only negative would be I had a horse voice the next day due to screaming and laughing. I loved the location because it’s in the middle of no where which helps the scary and creepy atmosphere. If you are looking for a fun night for Halloween fun than this is it.
– Stacy Miller

Have been going here the last few years, seems to get better and better every year! Very great, friendly staff, and great haunted houses. 10x better than valleyscare. Would highly recommend visiting to anyone who lives in mn, by far the states best Halloween attraction!
– Parkee Johnson

Scream Town is the best “haunted house” experience I have ever had (and I’m not new to this stuff!)–and it is so much more than a haunted house! It’s like going to 8 fantastically scary haunted houses all in the same place! We have been three years in a row, and look forward to it every year. In my opinion. the VIP is the only way to go, as you get to skip all of the lines and get 2 extra attractions (that are awesome!) to boot! Don’t miss this place–it’s worth the drive and the cost!!
– Heather Rose Arguello

We did the VIP ticket option and it was totally worth it! Included parking, cider, two more mazes and a backpack! We had tons of fun will definitely be going again next year
– Tianna Johnson

This place is unbelievable! My friends and I have come here the last 3 years and every year they have added awesome new houses! The staff is great too! An employee stopped and talked with my group of friends and I for a while asking what we thought of the place and if there were any ideas we had that could improve it, just thought that was really cool. I’d much rather go here than the haunted hay rides or valleyscare! Well worth the drive and I would recommend all those reading to try it out this fall!
– Samantha FitzSimmons

2014 Google Reviews:

Scream town was such a fun experience and I definitely recommend it! The actors are very good, and the mazes are very scary. I have been there two times already, and it just keeps on getting better! Whenever I go with friends, it is always so much fun and we have a great time. Also, the food is very good as well!

I went on a Sunday and it was my first time going. The lines weren’t long and it was definitely worth the money. The props and costumes were amazing and my favorite was the Circus Asylum. They’ve put in a lot of time and thought into scaring people and I loved it! ScreamTown is the best attraction I’ve ever been to and I would recommend everyone to go!

I had a great experience at Scream Town. Everything looked real and it was definitely scary. The best was the corn maze with the strobe lights with the clown and chainsaw. You don’t have to wait in a line and it was the scariest haunted house I’ve ever been through. Definitely need more like that for next year. Over all Scream Town was by far scarier than any other place I’ve gone to.

I love love love scream town!! The actors here seem to love what they are doing and are always so persistent with scaring people! I went to scream town for the third time this year and I have had the most amazing time each time! Each time is different and over all terrifying! These attractions are so amazingly put together and the costumes and makeup of the actors are awesome! I recommend scream town as a must see place in their life! It is definitely worth the money!

Scream town was such a blast! I have went three times in a row in the past three weeks! I just cant stay away! My friends and I love creepy and scary stuff, so scream town was right down our alley! Personally, my favorite attraction was the circus asylum because the actors were really creepy and made me scream! I totally recommend coming to scream town! You will not regret it!

A few times I literally thought I was in a horror movie. Although I have a wild imagination, this place was so terrifying I almost couldn’t go through another maze after the first one! I highly suggest going. It is extremely scary and a great adrenaline rush!

“I peed my pants at Scream Town last year!!!”
Rob Withoff

“Wow SCREAMTOWN that was the best place I have been in a couple of years. Hope next year will be scarier. Fabulous job.”
Peggy Reimers

“Thanks for an absolutely amazing time last night. Even in the cold, rain, mud and sleet … we had a GREAT time!!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCKED!!”
Jean Wenzel

“Great Job Scream Town! You really outdid yourselves this year. I loved all the updates to the haunts. Good luck to you tonight for your last scare of the season!”
David Jongquist

“Definitely a great time! MUCH better then Valleyscare! 2 thumbs up to those that worked in Oak Blood Forest, scared my wife many times!”
Matt Best

“Drove 2 hours to come to Screamtown last night…TOTALLY WORTH THE DRIVE!!!”
Jeniffer Rothstein

“Had a blast at scream town you guys made my year!”
Brenda Benson

“Hats off to you all!!! By far the best I’ve ever been to! Well worth the 2 hour drive to get there! We had a great time!”
Amber Schneider

“Scream Town is definitely on for this year as one of the primary attractions. I first got to experience ScreamTown last year. I do an annual Haunt Crawl every year, bringing a group of friends to haunts that are entertaining and fun and of value. I actually had to stop for a couple years because it got so bad nobody cared. Scream Town helped bring it back. Some of the details that Scream Town pulled off, the actors actually engaging in conversation and playing in character… I get the passion!”
Christopher Kinnaman

“I went to scream town last year as a first timer. I enjoyed it so much that I went twice last year, and I couldn’t wait till this year (2012) when I could go again. Last night (2012) I went with a couple of friends and even though the cool nights air was about 32 degrees, I was having so much fun that I didn’t care how cold it was.”
Anna – Opening Weekend 2012

“I just wanted to say I was very thrilled about Scream Town this year (2012). It was 20X better than last year and I had so much fun. I could clearly see all the hard work that was put into the changes for this year.”
Paula Roling

“To the owner and all the employees of Scream Town, you have created a very impressive showing and wonderful time for familes and people of all ages, we attended last night with a group for a birthday party, and we’ve been to many places in the past this by far surpassed expectations! Keep up the great work, and we look forward to coming back next year! Happy Halloween to you All!”
Denise Solis