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Ticket Details

Scream Town Ticket Details

Ticket Details

No Wait VIP & Hayride 

Immediate entry - 7 HAUNTS. PLUS Hayride - premium seating, Heated Tent, Live Show (Blood Bath), Bonus attraction (Trapped Possession), VIP parking, separate fire pits & gift pack.

Fast Pass Bonus/ Hayride

All access, line moves twice as fast! 2 terrifying Bonus attractions (Blood Bath & Trapped Possession) (Arrive early, MAY not make it thru everything)

Fast Pass Bonus

All access (No Hayride), line moves twice as fast! 2 terrifying bonus attractions (Blood Bath & Trapped Possession)

Scream Pass

7 Haunts, unlimited entry – (No Hayride, No Bonus)


Add a hayride to your experience, and take part in one of the most interactive horror rides you’ll ever witness. It’s totally reinvented, and like no other in the country.  Ad this ticket to any other Scream Town ticket at check out (just ad it to your cart).  This is a 40 minute experience, arrive as early as possible


Parents with kids are invited into the Scream Town common area at no charge.  Watch and laugh as your kids run screaming out of attractions, sit by the bonfire and drink some hot cider, check out the Scream Town oddities gift shop, relax in the heated tent with an adult beverage, or swing by the gypsy cart and get your fortune read.

The Haunted Attractions are NOT included in this free experience.  BUT…… if you want to join in on the fun, attend with 5 or more kids under the age of 18, and we will let any adult chaperones in at half price!  (Limit two adults per 5 kids)  Don’t delay in buying your tickets now and saving online.  Then when you arrive, go to the Scream Town gift shop and ask for this promotion.

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